10 types of sleep disorders

Probably, everyone has heard about people suffering from somnambulism among the common people as sleepwalkers, but not many people know what the “exploding head” syndrome or sexomnia and https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/boxagrippal is. This article describes 10 of the most common and unusual sleep disorders.

People who have nightmares often wake up feeling anxious. Memories of these dreams are so frightening things that over time, a person becomes afraid to even fall asleep.

Exploding head syndrome
A person often wakes up from a seemingly deafening sound that, as it seems to him, occurs in his head. Such an “explosion” is sometimes accompanied by a flash of light, there is a feeling of horror, breathing becomes difficult.

About 2-3% of adults and even more children (about 30 percent) suffer from sleepwalking (somnambulism), that is, they walk in their sleep. It is not known for certain what exactly causes this condition in people. However, it is clearly clear that human tension and disturbance of his sleep function are some of the reasons for this phenomenon.

The ailment is even stranger than eating during sleep. Sexomnia (“sex while sleeping”) is often caused by alcohol and drug use, as well as promiscuous sex life.

Unlike normal nightmares, night terrors occur during periods of restless sleep. The person often screams or cries, but cannot wake up and calm down on their own.

Sleepy hallucinations
Hypnagogic hallucinations occur in a drowsy state when a person falls asleep. During awakening, hypnopompic hallucinations occur. Remembering these visions, people say that they saw someone in their room or heard voices.

Sleep paralysis
While a person is dreaming, his muscles voluntarily become immobile. But sometimes it happens that even after awakening, this state of paralysis continues for some time.

Conduct disorder during restful sleep stages
It happens that the sleeper’s brain does not properly signal to the body that he is sleeping. Then the person begins to confuse the dream with reality and may even talk, or get up and walk.

Sleep Disorder Associated with Digestive Disorders
Such people have a remarkable “night” appetite, they eat a lot and everything, but in the morning they do not remember it at all.

The inability to sleep for a person is a serious danger. As a rule, insomnia occurs in people with overweight, hypertension and various disorders of the cardiovascular system.