Denis Slinkin

Fasting Blood Sugar

Your family doctor will recommend how often you should have an examination. The time of the tests depends on which medicine you are taking and how well your blood sugar level is controlled. It is likely that you will need to check your blood sugar levels first. You will also check more often if you are sick or stressed, if you change your medication or if you are pregnant, says Dr. Slinkin.

What should I do with the results?

FBS Denis Slinkin

Write the results down in a book of records. You can use a small notebook or ask your doctor for a notebook with the results of your blood tests. You can also keep track of what you ate when you took your medicine or insulin and how active you were during the day. This can help you see how these things affect your blood sugar levels. Talk to your doctor about what is a good range for your blood sugar level and what to do if your blood sugar level is not within that range, says Mr. Denis.

What time of day should I do the test?

Recommendations for the optimal time of day to test your blood sugar depend on medications, meal times and blood sugar FBS control. Your doctor can provide you with a diagram that will tell you when to test your blood sugar and what level to orientate yourself to. Your doctor may also suggest different goals, depending on your situation.