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Dulaglutide is an agonist receptor of glucagonopodic peptide 1 (GPP-1). Yogo molecule is composed of two identical lances, disulphide disulphide distilled, skin which can modify the human origin of GPP-1, It was covalently obtained by a fragment of an important lance (Fc) of a modified human immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4) behind a small peptide liner. A part of dulaglutide molecule, which is analogous to GPP-1, is approximately 90% homologous to native human GPP-1 (7-37). Native GPP-1 has 1.5-2 crickets of dipeptidyl-peptidase-4 and nickel clayrene. On the contrary, the native GPP-1, dipeptididipeptidase-4, dulaglutide resistant to the splitting, and has great diversity, which provides absorption and low nickel clayrene. Such structural peculiarities allow to take into account the formula and lead the period of up to 4.7 years, in order to reduce the number of appendages to a pidshkirnogo introduced once in a while. Moreover, the bull’s dulaglutide molecule is designed with such rank, so that the emunmune can be overcome, the Fcγ-receptor can be deposited, and the emunogeneous potentiality can be reduced.

Dulaglutide shines the fingertips of the GPP-1 anti-hyperglycemic powers. In the presence of the driven concentrate glucose dulaglutide leads to a level of intracellitinous cyclic adenosine phosphate (CAMF) in pancreatic beta-klitins, which can be produced up to vilniusinsulin. Dulaglutide reduces the secretion of glucagon, which, as it may be, is arrogantly promoted in patients with type 2 zinc diabetes. Lower concentrations of glucagon should be raised to the level of glucose baked with liver. Dulaglutide is also an additive of the link plug.

Pharmacodynamic fectivities

Dulaglutide reduces glucose control through the trivalent effect of reduced glucose levels in the future, in front of her and postprandial glucose in the patients with type 2 zinc diabetes, is to be repaired at the time of the first injection of dual-lutide and tripled at the time of interruptions in the doses one tidy day.

Pharmacodynamically, until now, douglutide has shown that the patients with the valuable diabetes of the second type of the drug introduces the first phase of sectional insulin to a level, …is shifting the equilibrium in healthy substances that have taken placebo, https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda_docs/label/2017/125469s007s008lbl.pdf and the other phase of sectional insulin has been given intravenously painful glucose injection. At the same time, the same dose of dulaglutide of 1.5 mg drove the maximum beta-klitin insecticide secretion and stimulated the function of beta-klitin in sub’etoids with type 2 zinc diabetes in placebo.

Dulaglutide has a pharmacodynamic profile, which is attached to it once in a while.

Clinical flawlessness and bakedness.

Glycamelic Control

The carelessness and flawlessness of dulaglutide were found in eight early-established phase II control areas, which included 5,770 packets of dulaglutide and a type 2 zinc diabetes. This includes 1,139 Boolean ≥ 65 roubles, which is 115 Boolean ≥ 75 roubles. At the same time, 3,525 packets of dulaglutide have been withdrawn, of which 2,108 were withdrawn Trulisit 1.5 mg per generation and 1,417 were withdrawn Trulisit 0.75 mg per generation. Dulaglutide was used in all the previous years to clineify the control of glucoseemia, to protect the glucosylated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c).


Dulaglutide in monotherapy mode was used in the 52-rpm regime for active control of metformine. Trulitis 1.5 mg and 0.75 mg increased for metformin (1500-2000 mg/day) in HbA1c, and through the 26th percentile of the HbA1c zero level, < 7.0% and ≤ 6.5% of the Trulisti 1.5 mg and Trulisti 0.75 mg of metformine.

The frequency of the documented symptomatic hypoglycemia for Trulitis 1.5 mg, 0.75 mg and metformin is 0.62, 0.15 and 0.09 episodes/pathienta/rik. There were no significant adverse effects of severe hypoglycemia.

Combined therapy with metformin

Dmitry Sazonov the carelessness and effectivism of dulaglutide were introduced in the placebo and active control (100 mg satagliptin for profit) of the trivalence of 104 tizhnyi in the combionation with metformin in all groups. Licuating for additional Trulisit 1.5 mg and 0.75 mg with 52 tizhnihins resulted in higher HbA1c values in pores with sataglyptin. With a significantly higher percentage of the level of the level of HbA1c < 7.0% and ≤ 6.5%. These figures were reached before the end of the previous period (104 copies).